Tuesday | March 6th


Skill WOD: Muscle-ups
This workout is not for time or reps. Goal is to improve your Muscle-up skill and speed.
Partner WOD:
Teams of 2
3 rounds for time of:
Row, 400 m
Plank Hold
Row, 200 m
Hollow Hold

Partner A rows 400m while Partner B holds a plank
Upon completion Partner B and Partner A switch: Partner B now rows 400m while Partner A holds plank
Partners will switch again and the 200m/hollow hold, set begins and is performed the same as the previous set

This complex is performed for 3Rnds (each partner will row 400m/200m 3x and hold plank/hollow 3x)

Note: If the partner performing plank/hollow hold drops the other partner must stop rowing and can only begin again when the plank/hollow hold is re-established