September’s CF Kumba Member Spotlight

Nicole Jacobs
1.  Why do you CrossFit?
My initial reason for wanting to try CrossFit was to fulfill my 2017 mantra of ‘Stronger from the inside out.’  Having been a runner for years, I wanted to do something different.  The idea of CrossFit gave me the ability to still be athletic and challenge myself.  The only thing, I had no idea what I was getting myself into (and I say that with a smile)!
2.  What is your favorite movement?
I’m not so sure I’ve been doing this long enough to have a favorite movement…because most days still feel like my first day in the box.  Having said that, if I had to choose, I would say thrusters are my favorite.
3.  What movement do you HATE?
During almost every WOD, I say to myself, “why do you put yourself through this?”  So in that moment…I hate every movement.  But I really hate Burpees.  And while it’s not a ‘movement,’ I also really hate that assault bike.
4.  If you could be any Super Hero, who would you be?
I had to do a little research on this one because I’m not very proficient with the Super Hero world.  But I would be Wonder Woman.  She’s curious, and compassionate which I think causes her to persevere and to be fearless.