July’s CF Kumba Member Spotlight

Liza Tran


Why do you CrossFit?
I like the idea of functional fitness, and I love the way tackling new movements and overcoming physical challenges puts me in a positive mindset in so many other areas of my life.  I love the challenge of learning new things, and the fact that the goals are always moving.  CrossFit used to intimidate me, and I really like that my kids, especially my girls, get to see me doing something physically hard that is also kind of scary.  I don’t want “can’t” to be part of their vocabulary. Also, bonus, turns out the people are super supportive and awesome.  Oh, yeah, and it makes me feel like a bad ass to pull my body up over the bar, or throw weight over my head.  Every woman needs something that makes her feel a little bit like a bad ass.
What is your favorite movement?
Hands down, deadlifts.  But surprisingly I’m learning to love the snatch, too – nothing quite like the feeling of having a barbell over your head.
What movement do you HATE?
I hate cleans.  And I especially hate admitting that, because I know Ryan is now going to make me do about a million of them!
If you could be any super hero, who would you be?!
She-Ra Princess of Power.  Because she was smart, super strong and also kind.