May’s CF Kumba Member Spotlight




Why do you CrossFit?

I had been interested in CrossFit for a few years before finally being able to start. The full body workouts in a short time frame mixed with the emphasis on correct form was a huge draw for me. I would get bored with going to the gym in the past and would end up just stopping. CrossFit keeps me interested. Having the mix of strength, endurance, and flexibility…there is always something to work on or improve. There is always a skill to attempt to master, more weight to try to add, or more time to shave off the clock. It gives me something to work towards. The hour a day I spend in the box is the only time when I don’t have to focus on anything else. It’s a time when I battle what I can do versus what I want to be able to do. I CrossFit to push myself. I CrossFit to be a better, stronger, more confident version of myself.

What is your favorite movement?

I’m not sure that I have an overall favorite movement yet. I do enjoy the gymnastic moves, the handstands, working with the rings, etc. And core work, even though I hurt for about a week after my first GHD Sit-up heavy WOD.

What movement do you HATE?

My fellow 6am‘ers would expect me to say squats… any movement with a squat. Given my current mobility they are my daily frustration. But surprisingly I don’t actually hate them. Burpees on the other hand… those are just plain awful. Or the torture of the assault bike. This could be a tie …

If you could be any superhero, who would you be?! 

As a child of the 80’s I didn’t grow up with a lot of female superheroes. Aside from the classic Wonder Woman, I distinctly remember liking She-Ra who had the title of ‘Princess of Power’. What female CrossFitter wouldn’t like that?! My real life superhero though is my mom. She fought cancer, went through chemo and radiation, and still managed to get two kids off to school every morning without missing a beat. You don’t get much more badass than that.